Month: January 2018

Threats To Computers And Users


Computer systems today are under attack from a number of sources. This range from natural, human and health threats. These attacks can have negative impact on your computer system and your life. Examples of these threats include heat,…

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Attributes Of A Good Information System

For information to be useful to the decision maker, it must have certain characteristics and meet certain criteria. Some of the characteristics of good information are as follows: completeness, timeliness, accuracy, clarity and concise, relevance, trustworthiness, cost-effective and…

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Types Of Information Systems – What Are The Different Types Of Computerized Information Systems?

Types of IS

The purpose of a computer-based information system is to provide managers (and various categories of employees) with the appropriate kind of information to help them make decisions. There are several types of computer-based information systems, which serve different…

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Manual And Computerized Information System

Manual Filing system

Although manual information system is still being used, the advent of computerized information system has immensely influenced the growth of most business and institutions such as banks, hospitals and schools. What is the difference between manual and computerized…

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Introduction To Information Systems -The Five(5) Major Components of Information Systems

End user

Do you know that you become part of a system that produces the information you need in order to make a decision? This system is called Information System, (IS). The purpose of this information system is to turn…

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Careers/Professions in ICT – What Does It Mean To Be An ICT Professional?

Carees in ICT

I am an ICT teacher, a career I have chosen in the ICT field or industry and most of the posts on this website are what I teach my students. Perhaps you are considering a career in ICT…

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