Month: March 2018

Classification Of Computers By Type

Digital computer

After classifying computers based on their sizes/capacities and their purposes, we can also have a different classification based on the type of data a computer handles. There are different ways in which data can be generated in a…

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Classification Of Computers By Purpose

Computer by purpose

In our previous post we looked at the different ways in which computers can be classified. We also dealt with classifying computers based on their sizes and capacities. Computers can also be classified based on their purposes and…

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Classification Of Computers By Size And Capacity

Computer by capacity

Today computers come in a wide variety of sizes, capabilities, designs and what have you, that it makes it difficult for one to easily classify them. We have types of computers today ranging from : Tiny computers embedded…

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Responsible Use Of Computers

Computer Ethics

Generally, ethics is a system of standard moral behavior governing the appropriate conduct for a person or group in the society. For example, considering proper and ethical use of school or company resources, many schools and businesses have…

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