Month: April 2018

Types Of Computer Hardware – Input Devices


Input devices are hardware components or peripherals that are used to enter data or feed the computer with data for processing. Input devices are also used to send command signals or controls to the computer. Input devices take…

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Types Of Computer Hardware – Inside The System Unit

Inside Th System Unit

In our previous post we began a discussion on the computer hardware and the role it plays with the software to make the computer perform its functions. We also mentioned the different kinds or collections of hardware devices….

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Types Of Computer Hardware – The System Unit


Computer hardware refers to the collection of the physical elements that make up the computer system. The hardware of the computer is the tangible parts or components including the monitor, mouse, keyboard, motherboard, hard disk drive (HDD), memory…

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The Role And Impact Of Information Technology On Everyday Life.

IT and our way of life

Collecting, storing, manipulating and sharing data and information has become easier for us today thanks to computers and telecommunication devices. Sometimes we barely notice the effects of ICT on our lives due to how integral it has become…

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