Month: June 2018

Types Of Computer Hardware – Magnetic Storage Devices and Media

Hard Disk Drive

Magnetic storage system is one of the three main categories of storage technologies in use today. With magnetic storage systems, data is written by read/write heads, which magnetize particles on the surface of the medium to represent the…

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Types Of Computer Hardware – Storage Devices and Media

Storage Devices

Storage in computing refers to holding of information whether the computer is on or off. Storage involves the process of writing data to the storage medium and reading data from the storage medium. Two types of storage in…

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Types Of Computer Hardware – Processing Devices

CPU_Processing device

Processing devices are parts of the computer that are responsible for processing or converting data into meaningful information. There are many processing devices and the most common ones in a computer include the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and…

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Common Computer Problems – Computer Running Slow

Computer running slow

There are lots of problems that peoples’ computer suffer from as they use them. These may include computer  running slow, computer freezes, computer keeps restarting, computer blue screen, keyboard, mouse and other devices not working properly, and many…

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