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Types Of Computer Software – System Software And Types Of Operating Systems

System Software

Software, aside other categories as discussed in the previous post, can be generally divided into two: system software and application software. System software is designed to operate the hardware of the computer. System software keeps everything working and is…

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Types Of Computer Software


The term software refers to the programs or sets of instructions that tell the computer what to do and how to do it. These instructions are written in codes which are understood by other programs which act as…

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Types Of Electronic Communication


By using telephone or wireless systems, one’s microcomputer can be connected to other computers in the world to get access to information sources almost anywhere. This connection provides a link to the world of larger computers which include…

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Types Of Computer Hardware – Communication Devices


Communication refers to the process of sharing information, messages, and ideas with other people in a particular time and place. There are many forms of communication and these include verbal communication (which is writing and talking) and nonverbal communication (such as facial expressions,…

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Types Of Computer Hardware – Output Devices(Print – Plotters And Special Purpose Printers)


A plotter is an output device designed to print vector graphics. A plotter is typically used for printing large-format graphs or maps. Unlike printers which print individual dots on the paper, plotters draw continuous lines and this makes…

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Types Of Computer Hardware – Output Devices(Print – Printer)


Devices that produce text and graphics on a physical medium such as paper or transparency film are referred to as print output hardware. These are printers and plotters, which are available in different types. Printers can be classified according…

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Types Of Computer Hardware – Output Devices(Audio)


Audio output refers to voice, music, or any sound produced by the computer. Types of audio output devices used to receive sound from the computer include: Loud Speakers Headphones Headsets Let’s take a look at these audio output…

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Types Of Computer Hardware – Output Devices(Display)

Output refers to information derived from the computer. It is the results of data processing from the Central Processing Unit (CPU) conveyed to the user through hardware output devices. Common output devices include monitors, printers, loudspeakers and plotters….

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Types Of Computer Hardware – Flash Memory Storage System

Flash Memory Cards

Flash memory storage, also known as solid-state storage, is an electronic non-volatile storage medium that can be electrically erased and reprogrammed. Unlike optical and magnetic storage, flash memory devices have no moving parts but instead, data is stored…

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Common Computer Problems – Computer Keeps Restarting

Restarting Windows

It can be really frustrating when your computer keeps restarting on its own. There are lots of factors that can contribute to this problem and it is mostly not easy to identify which one. Such    factors include…

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