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Types Of Electronic Communication


By using telephone or wireless systems, one’s microcomputer can be connected to other computers in the world to get access to information sources almost anywhere. This connection provides a link to the world of larger computers which include…

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Responsible Use Of Computers

Computer Ethics

Generally, ethics is a system of standard moral behavior governing the appropriate conduct for a person or group in the society. For example, considering proper and ethical use of school or company resources, many schools and businesses have…

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Threats To Computers And Users


Computer systems today are under attack from a number of sources. This range from natural, human and health threats. These attacks can have negative impact on your computer system and your life. Examples of these threats include heat,…

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Careers/Professions in ICT – What Does It Mean To Be An ICT Professional?

Carees in ICT

I am an ICT teacher, a career I have chosen in the ICT field or industry and most of the posts on this website are what I teach my students. Perhaps you are considering a career in ICT…

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The Impact Of ICT – How Has ICT Changed The World

Impact of ICT

In one of its sustainable development goals, The United Nations considers to “significantly increase access to information and communications technology and strive to provide universal and affordable access to the internet in least developed countries by 2020”. Now…

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What Is Information Processing Cycle?


To understand how a computer works you must understand the information processing cycle. No doubt you must be aware that before a computer produces information it needs data. But how does the data become information? Well that is…

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ICT – What Is The Definition Of ICT?

ICT_ Tools

What is ICT? What is the meaning or definition of ICT? What does ICT stand for? These are questions most people ask. The impact of ICT in the world today is so great that it makes it imperative…

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